Irrigation Management Operator for Muhuri Irrigation Project

Muhuri Irrigation Project (MIP) is covering area of about 43,900 ha across four Upazilas of Feni Sadar, Sonagazi, Chagalnaiya and Parsuram Upazilas under Feni District, and the Mirsarai Upazila of Chittagong District. The impact of this project is sustained high growth in irrigated agriculture. The project aims for efficient and sustainable management of large-scale irrigation schemes producing higher yields, with expanded irrigated areas, and with a higher cropping intensification including diversification into higher value crops.

Key outputs are:

(i) Establishment of a performance-based irrigation management and agriculture support services;

(ii) Rehabilitation and modernization of the irrigation system infrastructure; and

(iii) Rfficient management of the project with institutional development