Africa Geothermal Assistance Facility – Webinar series kickstarting in May

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We are happy to announce the start of online webinars on geothermal energy under Africa Geothermal Assistance Facility (NZ–AGF), established by New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT). The webinar series are intended to reach a range of professionals across the geothermal technical disciplines. They are open to both the public and private East Africa energy sector workforce.

 Following the first two sessions in May, the following webinar topics are planned:

  • The inter-disciplinary geoscience roles required during geothermal exploration and development.
  • Geothermal Well Testing.
  • District and reservoir-scale geologic controls on geothermal fluid flux.
  • UNFC classification system – Overview and Application to renewables generally.
  • Project Feasibility Studies – Feasibility and Pre-Feasibility Studies content and guidelines.
  • Controlling scaling in the power plant and injection systems.
  • UNFC classification system – Application to Geothermal.
  • Developing lower temperature systems – resource, exploration, pumping, power plant.
  • Steamfield systems – from wells to power plant, layout options and design considerations.

This webinar series has been developed in recognition that East African countries are at different stages of geothermal development with a range of different technical capability needs across the geothermal workforce.

NZ-AGF aims to expand access to affordable, reliable and clean energy for East African countries by increasing the number of geothermal energy projects meeting investment criteria; by increasing investment and local participation in the geothermal energy sector; and by improving geothermal energy sector planning, regulation, management and technical capacity. FCG New Zealand has been supporting the facility management since 2019.