New Zealand – Africa Geothermal Facility – Facility Management Support

The overall goal of the New Zealand Africa Geothermal Facility (NZ-AGF) is to expand access to affordable, reliable and clean energy in East African nations through the increased use of geothermal energy resources. NZ-AGF provide responsive, flexible and timely geothermal technical assistance and capacity building that will be reflected in an increased number of geothermal energy projects meeting investment criteria, expanding investment and local participation in the geothermal sector to build on the region’s successes to date.

NZ-AGF is implemented in partnership by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) of New Zealand the African Union Commission (AUC). Its services are available to 11 identified eligible countires in the African Rift. The Facility is governed by a Steering Committee comprising of senior officials from AUC and MFAT and with mandate to approva applications to NZ-AGF. The Facility is managed by the Facility Management team based a the AUC in Addis Ababa and in New Zealand.