International Safeguards Specialist Solomon Islands Road and Aviation Project

The Solomon Islands Roads and Aviation Project (SIRAP) has being prepared by the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) and the World Bank and was declared effective on 23rd May 2019. Prior to being declared effective, SIRAP was supported through a Project Preparation Advance. SIRAP forms part of the regional Pacific Aviation Investment Program (PAIP) being implemented respectively in Kiribati, Tonga, Tuvalu, Samoa and Vanuatu. PAIP has a development objective to (i) improve the safety, security, efficiency, management, and environmental sustainability of airports; and (ii) improve regional harmonization of aviation safety standards. The program recognizes the key role air transport plays in the economic and social development of each participating country and the need to strengthen the efficiency and viability of this sector.

Investments under SIRAP fall under five (5) components:

Component A: Honiara and Munda Airport Infrastructure Investments. This component will invest in international aviation infrastructure to meet and maintain minimum ICAO safety and security standards, while preserving and extending the service life of existing airport assets.

Component B: Malaita Road Improvement and Maintenance Program. This component will invest in existing roads and is focused at improving their climate resiliency. All activities proposed under this component aim to improve the climate resilience of the Malaita road network through a combination of specific spot improvements and overall system condition strengthening via adaptive maintenance measures. Activities include resealing existing sealed roads, construction of replacement bridges, spot upgrading, rehabilitation and long-term maintenance of unsealed main roads, and road safety infrastructure improvements.

Component C: Institutional Strengthening. This component will help strengthen MCA, CAASI and other line ministries’ technical capacity through targeted technical assistance to strengthen institutional capacity and dedicated training in operations and regulations. Activities include the development of an Airline Review Strategy; Airport Master Planning; Aviation Sector Strategy; and the provision of advisory services to the Solomon Islands Airport Corporation Limited (SIACL) and CASSI. This component will also support the road sector by providing planning and asset management to MID, improvements to project management and road safety capacity, assisting to address gender-based violence (GBV), and operational training to MID staff. An MID office will also be established in Auki, Malaita to improve works supervision.

Component D: Project Implementation Support. This component will include the recruitment of a Project Support Team, who will provide project management support for both preparation and implementation, and advisory and administrative support for MCA and MID.  Also included in this component are costs for the support services provided by specialist consultants such as contract management, procurement, project financial audits, etc.

Component E: Contingent Emergency Response. This zero-dollar contingent emergency response component (CERC) is designed to provide a swift response in the event of an Eligible Crisis or Emergency, by enabling the government to request the World Bank to reallocate project funds to support emergency response and reconstruction.