FCG New Zealand working in Kiribati for Energy and Public Utilities Reform

By 10/03/2021 No Comments

Late last year, FCG New Zealand has kickstarted a project with New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) to manage an important project in Kiribati.

Kiribati is one of the world’s most climate-vulnerable countries. Delivering services such as electricity, water, and sanitation is a challenge anywhere in the developing world, but it is even more of a challenge in a country like Kiribati. Major challenges are presented by Kiribati’s vulnerability to climate change. And fact that a single urban settlement like South Tarawa is spread across multiple islands makes delivery of critical public utilities even more of a challenge.

Kiribati requires additional resourcing and training for government staff in order to effectively provide electricity, water, and sanitation to urban communities, and this is where FCG New Zealand and MFAT have an important role to play.

FCG will provide essential project management services to MFAT’s Kiribati Energy and Public Utilities Reform project. This project will improve the lives of locals by strengthening governance and management of utilities, by building the capability of the utilities workforce, and by supporting increased energy generation. The project will focus on South Tarawa and Kiritimati Island.

FCG New Zealand has a wealth of experience delivering development projects like this one in small island developing states such as Kiribati, and the company also has a long history of delivering international development projects for MFAT. We are proud to be continuing our company’s tradition of supporting New Zealand’s Pacific neighbours with this important and timely project.