Good news from the Pacific

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Good news from the Pacific: FCG New Zealand recently completed a successful project evaluation of a major disaster readiness and climate change resilience project.

From 2013–2019, the project focused on improving disaster readiness and climate change resilience in the Pacific region through undertaking hundreds of activities – from reviewing national policies to creating geographic databases.

Disaster readiness initiatives are becoming ever more important as Pacific island countries find themselves increasingly exposed to risks such as cyclones, floods and droughts as a result of climate change.

FCG New Zealand’s team of experts evaluated the achievements, quality and results of the work carried out during the project’s implementation. The evaluation was based on extensive field work, covering 15 states in the Pacific region. During the evaluation, FCG New Zealand witnessed some great actions that have been taken to improve people’s safety throughout the region. People’s determination to work together towards a safer future was evident, and many amazing results have been achieved.