FCG New Zealand has staff from around the world, and we are often looking for new people to join our team. We have a range of exciting opportunities.

We constantly have new opportunities in the form of consulting work, employment, internships, and partnering. Our work environment is open, demanding, and mutually supportive. Personal initiative is encouraged, high professional standards are required, and individual contributions are valued and recognized.


FCG New Zealand has an international team with strong expertise in engineering, environmental and
social safeguards, and project
management, administration,
and finance.


Looking for a way to get practical working experience in an international development field? We accept internship applications throughout the year and welcomes hard-working professional to the team.


FCG New Zealand would like to hear from experienced consultants with a proven track record in their discipline. We offer a working atmosphere where the expert’s work is supported by a strong in-house team.


FCG New Zealand works with international and national partners across the world and is interested in discussing any collaboration opportunities with companies operating in different fields of expertise.

Careers with FCG New Zealand