Our team covers a range of disciplines including social, environmental, agriculture, marketing, engineering, finance and administration.

FCG ANZDEC team covers a great range of expertise from multiple disciplines and continents. In addition to the core team presented below, FCG ANZDEC has more than 100 consultants and associates working in the field and from their home offices on ongoing projects.

If you want to get involved, please check the opportunities to work with us.

Samuli Leminen

Managing director

Contact: samuli.leminen@fcganzdec.co.nz

Maritus Grupo

Finance Manager

Contact: marites.grupo@fcganzdec.co.nz

Daniel Zhang

Finance Administrator and Project Analyst

Contact: daniel.zhang@fcganzdec.co.nz

Noora Moilanen

Project Manager

Contact: noora.moilanen@fcganzdec.co.nz

Lotta Maijala

Project Manager

Contact: lotta.maijala@fcganzdec.co.nz

Kate Walker

Senior Environmental Specialist

Contact: kate.walker@fcganzdec.co.nz

Fabio Simonetti


Contact: fabio.simonetti@fcganzdec.co.nz

Chris Landon-Lane

Associate for Rural and Natural Resources Development

Joseph Matthew

Associate for Coastal Science and Engineering

Anthony McElroy

Associate Accountant

Gerardo Armendariz

Associate Graphic Designer