The Republic of Palau is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and climate variability. Palau is already experiencing several of these impacts, e.g. sea level rise, higher sea surface temperatures and coral bleaching events, increased flooding and drought events, and loss of biodiversity. These impacts undermine Palau’s efforts towards sustainable development. Whilst Palau has been actively engaged in addressing climate change for several years, there was no coordinated national framework guiding the many diverse initiatives across multiple organisations.

The objective of this study was to provide clear national guidance for decision making and actions to build Palau’s resilience to climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and articulate Palau’s position on climate change across all sectors and at all levels (community, state, national and international).

Amongst many tasks, the team reviewed the Gaps and Needs Analysis and the Community Engagement Strategy; prepared the Climate Change Policy Framework; a produced a 5 year communications plan.