Due to declining agricultural production and increasing trade imbalance, there is an urgent need for the Cook Islands to develop policies and interventions that better link agriculture to the growing tourism sector. In close consultation with the FAO and stakeholders, the Government of Cook Islands has developed a project that focusses on developing high value “niche” agricultural products for export and for the domestic market, specifically: vanilla, noni, coffee and pineapple. The objective is to improve the capacity for domestic farmers and agro-processors to supply the Cook Islands better link agriculture with the growing tourism sector.

The project is divided into two stages and managed by FCG ANZDEC. The first stage focuses on food technology, food processing, food safety, and agribusiness; with ANZDEC supplying experts in all of these fields as well as the project monitoring and reporting. The second stage is by lead by ANZDEC with Koko Siga Pacific as sub-consultant. This stage focuses specifically on vanilla, coffee production and processing, vegetables and off-season production, pineapple, and hydroponics.