REQUEST FOR TENDERS (RFT 565-6/001): Responses to Enquiries – Kiribati Utilities Reform Programme (KURP) IMS Consultant

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The Government of Kiribati has established the Kiribati Utilities Reform Programme (KURP).  The goal of this programme is “to ensure that I-Kiribati have reliable and safe access to public utilities”.  The three implementing agencies of KURP are the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy (MISE), the Public Utility Board (PUB) and the Ministry of Line and Phoenix Islands (MLPID).

FCG New Zealand has been engaged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) to deliver four (4) outputs supporting the KURP, including this ToR; Output 2: The Introduction of improved Information Management Systems.

Delivering this output requires FCG to understand existing  software and hardware assets and systems, assess the long-term needs for each of these, identify what is required to upgrade or purchase new software and hardware, procure, and oversee implementation of these systems.  FCG must also ensure that new Information Management Systems that are embedded in other existing or planned projects are aligned with the long-term needs of the PUB, MISE and PUB, and that the PUB and the MLPID have the skills and capabilities to sustainably operate and maintain the Information Management Systems that will be deployed.

Therefore, FCG is looking to engage an individual IMS Consultant to the project. The IMS Consultant will be engaged under FCG terms and conditions and will work under the direct supervision of the FCG Team Leader to manage the delivery of Output 2. The details of the assignment are attached in the assignment TORs:

The deadline for seeking clarification was 21st July 2021. The responses for the enquiries are provided below, and the tender documents  have been updated accordingly in GETS. (

The due date for submission of the tender is: Friday, 30 July 2021, midnight (Wellington, New Zealand local time).

Question Response
Can we please get an editable MS Word copy of the response form ANNEX B-D_Proposal Template.pdf. It will help us in providing a response in the format you require.



This has been uploaded to GETS.
We note the need to travel to Kiribati which our consultants will be open to. Will the cost of travel and other costs for stay ,etc. to be billed to FCG ?


Travel costs, accommodation costs and a per diem will be paid in accordance with NZ Government policy. These will be paid as a reimbursable upon the submission of a suitable invoice and supporting documents (such as receipts and boarding passes) and paid after the fact.
How do you envisage the IMS services to be provided in the context of the current COVID-19 environment?  Is it possible to provide these services offsite (e.g. from our Wellington offices with necessary travel to your office in Auckland when required)?



Yes. Maximum use must be made of working remotely. FCG has a project person in South Tarawa whom will coordinate meetings etc. and help with the collection of data from that end. This person will be available part-time to work directly with the Consultant (at no cost to the Consultant). Travel is to be minimised but where necessary the travel protocols of the Consultant’s country and the Government of Kiribati must be followed. Where these protocols incur demonstratable additional costs these will be paid from a contingency fund. The IMS Consultant shall have in place a COVID-19 management plan which is to be approved by the Client. This may reflect the approach taken by the Consultant’s company to COVID-19.
Also, will the services need to be provided in NZ time with say mutually agreeable timings for meeting any stakeholders from Kiribati over Video call. Services will need to be provided in Kiribati time and the Consultant is required to accommodate this. This is now typical of all international work. No extra payments will be made for out-of-hours work. Kiribati working hours are 8:00am to 4:00 pm Tarawa time.
Are the timelines set in stone or indicative in nature? We are unable to find any information in the current tender to inform on any dependencies, etc. Timelines may vary as the project proceeds. Delays may arise as a result of obtaining data and coordinating meetings. Where a delay is valid it will be accepted. However, the Consultant shall demonstrate consistent progress as the project moves forward. Excessive delays in producing material may result in the Consultant being deemed non-responsive.
Would you consider a proposal from a small team of 2 to 3 individuals that collectively have the required expertise?


This would be considered where the consultant can demonstrate a coherence to the delivery of the project and a track record in successfully delivering similar projects in this manner. It is recommended that is a consultant was to offer this solution it offers additional information on how it will maintain coherence and consistency within the project (possibly by using a project management or quality assurance approach) and some examples of where it has previously used this approach successfully.
Would you be able to provide any more details or the complete ToR?


The ToR for this assignment is complete. The ToR for the KURP project is uploaded with the tender documents to GETS.
Would you accept a bid from a small team with the required experience across three people?


Please see answer to above question.
Will you consider candidates on secondment from other New Zealand Government agencies for this position? After clarifying this with the donor, unfortunately New Zealand Government agencies are not eligible for bidding.