Samoa Cocoa Industry Development Initiative Review

By 15/04/2020 No Comments

Just before the COVID-19 outbreak forced us to temporarily change our ways of working, FCG New Zealand was lucky to complete a field mission in Samoa for the Samoa Cocoa Industry Development Initiative Review, funded by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The project supports sustainable growth of the Samoan cocoa industry through increased investment. The long-term goals of the project are to increase value and volume of Samoa cocoa exports year on year; and increase financial returns for smallholder cocoa growers. It involves working closely with several stakeholders including cocoa growers, processors, nursery owners and managers, cocoa buyers, marketers, regulators and non-governmental organisations.

FCG New Zealand has been commissioned to carry out a project review on the Activity. It examines the progress being made to date and gives recommendations for future design and support.

During the field mission, the evaluation team visited cocoa nurseries, farmers and other key stakeholders in both Upolu and Savaii and gained valuable information on the cocoa industry’s development in Samoa.