Our work spans the whole project cycle – from concept creation to project design, and from implementation to evaluation.

Our Services

FCG New Zealand’s services cover the whole project cycle – from concept creation to project design, and from implementation to evaluation. We have an established reputation for excellence in the delivery of loan, grant, and technical assistance projects for a variety of international clients. FCG New Zealand implements more ADB projects by value than any other company in New Zealand.


Agriculture and rural development have long been a key focus of FCG New Zealand’s operations. The company has experience in areas such as agricultural policy planning, agricultural research, training and support services, agricultural economics development, and gender issues in agriculture. FCG New Zealand also has experience with on-the-ground rural development projects, such as developing farm and irrigation systems and improving systems for producing, processing, and marketing agricultural products. Our projects include supporting cocoa growers and exporters in the Pacific and introducing modern agricultural technologies to improve livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Sri Lanka.

Coastal and Marine Management

FCG New Zealand is highly experienced in integrated coastal zone management and ecosystem-based fisheries management. The company also has extensive experience providing consulting and project management services for coastal protection, including climate resilience initiatives and erosion prevention projects. Additionally, FCG New Zealand has specific expertise in small island sustainable development. In recent years, the company’s work has involved mainstreaming biodiversity in coastal management strategies in Mauritius and reviewing the effectiveness of institutional fisheries support in the Pacific.

Water Resources Management

FCG New Zealand builds the capacity of national and local stakeholders to make efficient and sustainable use of water resources. The company works to develop effective, environmentally sustainable water resource management policies, projects, and institutions. We also directly support development of water resource management infrastructure. Recent water resource projects have included flood risk management planning in the Solomon Islands and a feasibility study for a water security project in Afghanistan.

Climate Resilience and Environmental Sustainability

FCG New Zealand looks to the future in all our work around the world. Our projects deliver climate resilience, biodiversity safeguarding, and long-term environmental sustainability. The company holds extensive expertise in climate resilience initiatives, climate-sustainable policy development, and climate-conscious natural resource management. FCG New Zealand has also worked in conservation and biodiversity management, and we possess a wealth of experience in disaster readiness initiatives. Climate change and environmental sustainability have been at the fore in recent projects involving water resource management in Afghanistan and coastal protection planning in Pacific Island nations.

Disaster Resilience

FCG New Zealand strengthens vulnerable communities and assists countries in developing disaster resilience and mitigation initiatives. We have developed disaster management frameworks and action plans in countries throughout Asia and the Pacific. Our experience includes addressing natural and human hazards, such as floods, earthquakes, droughts, and volcanic eruptions.

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