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Chasing a career dream and exploring the world, young Jim Jormanainen came all over from Sweden to New Zealand to undergo his internship with FCG ANZDEC. Originally from Finland, Jim studied Peace and Development Studies at Uppsala University, in Sweden. Since he was a child, Jim has had a huge interest in volunteer community and has been active in different associations from a very young age.

Jim stayed with us 5,5 months and focused on assisting our project management and business development teams. Successfully completing the internship, Jim is reflecting on the reasons that led him to apply for internship with us:

 Why did you apply for this internship?

During our last semester on the bachelor programme all students are encouraged to apply for an internship in order to get working experience and broaden our perspectives. I decided early on that I wanted to intern outside of the Nordic countries, preferably outside of Europe.

Mostly I wanted to intern at FCG ANZDEC because of two reasons; the work done at FCG ANZDEC was most appealing since disaster risk management, rural development, gender issues, and climate issues were large sectors and suited my focus quite well, and two; the adventure of travelling to the other side of the world.

What was the most interesting part of your work?

Everything I have done during the internship has been interesting, and it is probably because everything I have done has had a purpose. Another very interesting thing is the range of projects. I had some knowledge about the sectors however the projects can range from being very broad to incredibly specific and totally out of one’s sphere of knowledge.

If I must pick one specific thing that has been especially interesting, I would say writing Expression of Interests and proposals, it relates to the previous point that they are never on the exact same thing and often in different countries.

What was the most challenging part of your work?

The most challenging part would probably be deadlines! The deadline is often quite short and sometimes quite stressful. That leads to the second challenge, time-management and time difference! Since FCG ANZDEC is in New Zealand and works for/with agencies all around the world deadlines can become confusing due to the time differences.

Tips for future interns?

  1. General tips for anyone considering doing an internship is first and foremost, don’t think, start looking! You will not regret it, you will learn a lot and don’t decide on a specific location if it isn’t necessary for your purpose, it will still be rewarding.
  2. My second tip would be to not be afraid to get a no and start looking early. You will probably not get the first internship position you apply for so keep trying and be as broad as you possibly can. You will still learn a lot even though the internship might not fit perfectly your interests
  3. If you’re applying to FCG ANZDEC and coming to New Zealand, don’t be afraid to ask questions. This applies both before you’re here and when you’re here. You might need a visa so check that in time. Depending on where you’re coming from travel expenses can be quite pricy and New Zealand is not a cheap country, just a reminder. They will help you as much as they can to get you settled in and most importantly have a positive attitude and everything will be easier!

Your future plans?

My most imminent plan is to travel a bit outside of Auckland before I start heading back to Europe. On a longer term, my plan is to continue studying a master’s degree in either Peace and Conflict Research or Human Rights, after that I have not yet decided. A dream has always been to work for the UNHRC with human rights issues, but I have also become more interested in doing research, especially on targeted violence against vulnerable communities, and I could also see myself working with an organisation like FCG ANZDEC. I guess time will tell where I’ll end up.


We at FCG ANZDEC feel very lucky to have as talented intern as Jim in our team for the past 6 months and wish him all the success for his future endeavours!

Did you get inspired? Get in touch with us to enquire about the internship opportunities. We are passionate about helping young talents spread the wings and start career in international development.

In addition to his professional skills, the team will miss Jim’s positive attitude and friendly smile.