Successfully Completed Disaster Response Project in Indonesia

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FCG ANZDEC recently completed a project Development of the National Disaster Response Framework (NDRF) in Indonesia funded by the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. This Activity will assist Government of Indonesia (GoI) in resolving the issues of ambiguous roles, critical policy gaps and the lack of rigorous disaster management process which are currently constraining disaster management in Indonesia. It is estimated that 56% of the disasters are fast onset in nature (e.g., flooding and landslides). This fact has placed significant pressure on the GoI disaster management system to respond effectively.

The NDRF provides the basis for improved accountability amongst GoI players and a mechanism for stronger coordination between the government, NGOs, international agencies, and private sector. The NDRF document was socialized from March 2018-March 2019 and presented during the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) Regional Disaster Emergency Response Simulation Exercise  in November 2018. The document has also been accepted by the international aid community, the Humanitarian Country Team, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Affairs, and Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture (Kemenko PMK).

After the handover to the Indonesian government, the Ministry of Social Affairs held a training in May 2019 for more than 40 people, including the Director General for Social Assurance and Protection of the Ministry of Social Affairs. This training was supported by BNPB (National Disaster Management Authority), USAID, and the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and focused on the Disaster Response Task Forces. The Deputy Team Leader supported the session and copies of the NDRF documents were distributed. In total, about 200 hard-copies of the document, mainly in Bahasa, were shared with stakeholders in 2019.

This project has delivered its ultimate target, the NDRF Document, co-signed in March 2018 by the Head of BNPB and the New Zealand Ambassador.  The legal adoption of the document by sanctioning it with a regulation that will bind stakeholders, not only BNPB, is a political process that was anticipated by the activity to be beyond its purview.  It is encouraging to observe that the NDRF Document has been recognized, referred and practically adhered to.


Picture: Sinabung Volcano erupts in Indonesia, forcing evacuations, 3 June 2015.