Training on Coastal Processes, Planning and Engineering in India

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FCG ANZDEC has been active in the South Asian region since the 1970s. We are currently implementing several projects in South Asia, and two of them are in India. These two projects are both in the sector of sustainable coastal protection, and our teams are working hard to make a difference in the field.

Of the series of training programs under FCG ANZDEC’s Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Project in Karnataka, a training on coastal processes, planning and engineering was held during 12-13 June 2019 in Mangalore, India. The objective was to strengthen the capacity of the core and allied department staff with know-how on the dynamic coastal processes, planning and engineering to allow careful consideration and understanding of coastal development that is complementary to natural coastal processes.

The training was attended by 80 participants, representing various government departments involved in coastal development. Participants expressed that the training contents were highly relevant to their work and the training enriched their knowledge.

“I gained very good knowledge about design of coastal protection structures, roles and regulations of coastal environment management”, one of the government representatives said.

Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Project in Karnataka (Tranche 2) is a four-year project designed to address immediate coastal protection needs and coastal instability using environmentally and socially appropriate solutions. The project is also strengthening institutional capacities to meet the long-term needs of sustainable coastal protection and management, and support initiatives to increase the participation of the private sector and communities in coastal protection and management.

The participants expressed their interest on the topic with several questions leading to interesting conversations during the training.